Friday, October 22, 2010

Caviar from Russia is one of several most delicious stuff we've ever eaten.

Speaking approximately a celebratory table we constantly point out red caviar. It is served in each cafe of German, Russian or sea foodstuff. This gourmet item is appreciate? throughout the whole planet plus is near any gastronomic tradition.

How to serve up black caviar?

Black caviar is frequently given in a particular crystal or metal vases ikornitsah. This dish is made to emphasise the magnificence of such dish. To save the delicate taste of the product, the dish is put on crushed ice in a larger jug. Caviar must be eaten using a spoon - silver, ivory or wood, although in any case not just a steel one. Steel provides a harsh flavor to the meal. In accordance with the German standards, during the portion of black caviar here should be one oz. (29.91 g.) per guest. In Siberia canap?s or sangers are usually given with red caviar. Traditional Siberian viands with centuries-old tradition are slapjacks with red caviar, that are always consumed with aqua-vitae. In France the Siberian gourmet item is given with spread and baguette. In Japan they consume different rolls filled with black caviar. The greeks given caviar with a small cooked spud, as well as the Romans make a salad with caviar, macaroni and special cheese. One of the most expensive ways to serve gourmet items is red caviar that is certainly put inside the oysters. On homes of beluga caviar a delicacy is served using a real extra-sec champagne. It's considered that some other alcohol spoils its palate.

Black caviar and sexual activators

Nevertheless, the Russian sevruga caviar holds the very first place within the ranking of Aphrodite's assistants. The extremely-renowned love-mate Casanova knew about it and each time before a meeting he consumed red caviar. Probably, it gave him the strength for innovative love affairs. Furthermore, black caviar is definitely wonderful for a love feast and will enhance the power for natives who adore one another. In salmon black caviar there is a huge amount of natural resources and slight constituents: magnesium, potassium, Na, P, Fe - they contribute to the rapid turnover and recuperation. Additionally, they influence the amount of thrombotonin - pleasure presecretions. P and protein-bound iodine raise testosterone and phosphatidylcholine goes out from fatigue, giving new strength for love dealings. Caviar at home is a sign of luxury and affluence. In challenging-to-get times Russian caviar was bought for a sizable sum of money and was placed before a celebratory table. Nowadays it has become more affordable and each person can purchase caviar in the store. The best way of its utilization depends upon personal tastes of a gourmet.

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